In the last days of analogue film, a small outpost of resistance to the sweeping digital tide remains in the heart of London…The Cinema Obscura - the last bastion of scratchy warm, sometimes slightly blurry film.

Ray Coleman (Oengus Macnamara) has been the head projectionist at the cinema for most of his adult life – he sleeps with a reel in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth.

His protégé Ben Holland (Matt Noble) is an aspiring filmmaker, who dreams of seeing his masterpiece in all its celluloid glory, up on the big screen to a full house at The Obscura, although mostly he’d just love Sophie, the beautiful cinema usherette, to see it.

Sophie Roberts (Sian Breckin) is studying to be a fashion designer. For now she’d just like to work somewhere where she isn’t treated as a) a child minder b) servant c) psychiatric nurse d) all 3 at once.

Jonny Eastwick (Matthew Fraser Holland) is also trying to worm his way into Sophie’s affections. Armed with his trusty DSLR, iPhone and flipcam, Johnny is the vlogging/Meme making/skateboarding/wannabe superstar DJ. He wouldn’t know what to do with a film reel, even if he’d paid attention during his training.

Then there’s Marcus Ward (Steve North) – he’s writing a sequel/prequel to ‘The Terminator’ featuring a surprising twist (“it’s political”), but he’ll tell you about that himself, at some point.

Their cosy analogue world is about to be shattered by the looming presence of new boss Toby Sayles, with his batch of shiny new digital projectors – all fully automated and requiring fewer staff. What will Ray, Ben, Sophie, Johnny and Marcus do? The future of cinema is in their hands…


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